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High summer is often the busiest time for removal companies (think school holidays) so if you’re planning a move it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll pay more and have less choice of dates during the July/August period. And Fridays are the most popular day for obvious reasons). And while you expect your removers to handle your contents with care, have you valued your contents accurately for home contents insurance?


Valuing your home contents for insurance


You may be thinking about a camera being stolen on holiday, knocking coffee over your laptop or dropping your smartphone. But what if everything had to be replaced after a fire or flood – are you covered? Do you have some high-value items that should be notified separately to your insurer?


To make sure you’re covered for the total value of your home contents, and that your insurance will cover in full in the event of a claim, it’s important to take an honest look at what you’ve got, and don’t under-value. Moving house is a great time to take stock, particularly if you are upsizing or downsizing which will have an impact on your contents.


How to calculate the value of your home’s contents

  • Go through each room, including your loft/attic, basement/cellar, garage, shed and any outbuildings.
  • Make a list of all your items – paper, spreadsheet or check out some of the apps available to help with this task e.g. Home Contents on Apple or House Book on Apple or android.
  • If you have receipts for high-value or newer items, use these to inform your inventory or do some Google searching for similar items and values.
  • Advise your insurer of any expensive items – such as antique furniture or artwork, heirloom jewellery, watches, laptops, cinema systems etc – to make sure they are covered by your policy. Many insurers have a single item limit which means if something expensive is stolen, you may only get the single item limit if you make a claim.
  • Take photos of any high-worth or sentimental pieces which will be important for identification in the event of theft or loss.


Are my contents covered for the move?


Most removal companies offer a level of cover for accidental damage with enhanced cover sometimes available at an extra cost. Check your home insurance policy to see if your contents are covered in transit – look for goods in transit cover, removals cover or similar wording in your policy documents.


Home insurance reminder


And a quick reminder on home insurance if you are moving, this will need to be in place at your new address from the exchange of contracts as that’s when you become legally responsible for the new property. And, yes, this may mean you’re insuring both properties between exchange and completion!





According to data from the RAC, July to September 2023 saw the highest number of breakdowns where potholes were the most likely cause, perhaps because we travel more in the school holidays, and we’re less focused on the condition of the road surface and more on the destination. So what can be done to avoid potholes, and what do we do in the event of damage as a result of hitting one?


Potholes, the bane of UK roads

The RAC suggests the UK has over two million potholes across its roads (as of March 2024). That’s not great news for British motorists and cyclists but, apparently, potholes are also one of the leading causes of car breakdowns.


Small potholes rarely cause major damage but if a vehicle hits a lot of small potholes, over time it can lead to damaged tyres, wheels, suspension and steering system problems. Deep potholes can result in damage to the vehicle’s exhaust, and underside and, potentially, loss of control if the pothole is hit at speed or steering is impacted.


Unsurprising, the AA recommends drivers and cyclists avoid potholes where it’s safe to do so but, if unavoidable, reduce speed and maintain extra distance from other vehicles.


Reporting potholes

If you spot a troubling pothole, report it to the relevant authority, usually the local council, or Highways England for motorways and A roads. has an online tool to report potholes in England and Wales.


Making a claim

Sometimes potholes are impossible to avoid, lurking hidden under surface water or in the dark out of reach of the most powerful headlights. Damage from potholes can be costly to repair if it’s anything more than a puncture. RAC garage data from December 2023 shows repairs can cost up to £460.


You can claim for pothole damage against the relevant council or road authority. Generally, start by reporting the pothole via the website tool (above) and get quotes for repair. For motorways, you’ll need to contact Highways England, in Greater London it’s Transport for London and in Wales it’s Traffic Wales. If your claim is rejected, an appeal may be successful but you’ll need to gather evidence to prove the authority didn’t carry out proper maintenance or inspections.


You can also claim via your car insurance but keep in mind your insurance excess (is the total claim likely to be more or less than your excess) and whether the claim will negatively impact your no-claims bonus at renewal.


If in doubt, contact your car insurer for advice before making a claim.

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